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Volunteer Opportunities at Moving Forward Gulf Coast

To sign-up as a volunteer- e-mail with your availability!

Law Students- We need law students to help conduct research in various areas including, but not limited to: federal housing and disaster policy, environmental protection, international human rights, immigration/asylum/refugee rights and US constitutional law.  Volunteer law students are able to work from remote locations outside the Gulf Coast, however, for the sake of work product integrity, we ask that law students commit at least one semester (with the ability to attend 1 hour calls each week) to this opportunity. To apply as a volunteer, please send to a resume, cover letter and letter of agreement from a law faculty- who will act as a secondary contact and primary advisory for your work. 

Pro Bono Attorneys- Moving Forward provides monthly community legal clinics that focus on the areas of: 1) Disaster Relief; 2.) Immigration and Naturalization; 3) Probate and Succession; and, 4) Voting Rights.  While these clinics do not require volunteer attorneys to specialize in the above areas of law, we do require that all volunteer attorneys be licensed and in good standing with their local Bar Association. In addition, volunteer attorneys must attend a yearly, 2hour, community lawyering training.  To apply as a volunteer, please send to a resume, cover letter and certificate of good standing from your local bar association. 

Special Event Ambassadors- About four times a year, Moving Forward hosts fundraisers, community events and international media.  During these moments, it is helpful to have folks from the community and allies from elsewhere to help with set up, hosting or planning.  In particular, we are looking for volunteers who have experience in event planning or hosting.  To volunteer, send to a letter of interest and list general dates when we can call on you to help out for a few hours during an event. 

Fundraising Allies - More than ever before friends of the Gulf Coast are asking how they can be supportive of the work happening to help impacted communities. Because not everyone wanting help is able to give their time and skill, we look to partners around the nation to party with a purpose!  Those who volunteer to be our fundraising allies commit to hosting a dinner, party, film screening, dance or other competition with the goal of generating funds for Moving Forward Gulf Coast. We ask that Fundraising allies commit to raising $1000 or more once a year. To volunteer as a Fundraising Ally, please submit to a letter of interest and details of your event along with a tentative date.  

National Hosts - As you might imagine, community leaders in the Gulf Coast are tired.  Because we find ourselves at the worst end of yet another disaster- some of our leaders have to, once again, work around the clock.  Because Moving Forward is committed to positive change for the long-term we must work to help our friends and leaders take a break. Those volunteering to be National Hosts are prepared to offer a private room and two meals a day to a Gulf Coast organizer for a minimum of 3 days.  During this time, our National Host will act as a host and allow for the organizer to rest and reflect. Those with vacation homes, summer camps and empty nests are encouraged to volunteer your space. We are able to comply with gender and age preferences of hosts.  To volunteer to host a regional organizer, submit to a letter of interest, any guidelines on guests and the regional (state and city) location of your space.

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