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The Black Men & Boys Initiative (BMBI) 
The Black Men & Boys Initiative (BMBI) seeks to shape a new future for Black Men and Boys beginning in the great city of New Orleans. This multi-year initiative is composed of strategic community and national campaigns focused on issues of critical impact on Black Men & Boys.  Community-rooted campaigns will focus on community-building and policy advocacy.  BMBI Programs will also focus on data collection and dissemination as well as creating and sharing positive images of Black Men & Boys. Together these programs and campaigns work toward one shared vision of helping to make New Orleans a place where Black Men & Boys can thrive. 

2025 BMB Network - Local Impact Site
State of Black Men & Boys in NOLA (Issue Briefs)

2025 BMB Network - Local Impact Site
Voter Engagement 2012
Our Vision is to influence Black Men & Boys and community stake-holders to begin to make political civic engagement a part of their lifestyle by actively engaging in efforts to advance "community interests" and transform social and physical conditions by way of voting. 

Our Goal is to develop and coordinate an arrangement of opportunities for Black Men & Boys in New Orleans, LA to become more politically engaged. We will work to prevent the emergence of Jim Crow "Black Code" type practices to ensure that Louisiana's Voter ID law does not hinder voting opportunities for Black Men & Boys in NOLA.

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"Lest We Forget"
The "house" is on fire. I'm talking about the "house" that our ancestors fought and died to build. That house has provided shelter and refuge to the beneficiaries of the Civil Rights movement, but will it provide the same to future leaders and communities of color across the US. 
The political resegregation of the south, the emergence of Jim Crow voter barriers, the unwarranted practice of voter purging, and constant attacks on the Voting Rights Act & Civil Rights Act create a recipe of poison for minorities across the south athirst for representation and justice. Voter engagement in 2012 is not only about voter registration and education, but this is IT, in terms of saving what little freedom African Americans and people of color have fought to exercise in America. 
Positive political change is needed. The only way it can happen is through creating voter education and voter mobilization efforts across the nation. We have to begin to make political civic engagement a part of our everyday lifestyle unless we will have given back every "right" we have ever fought to have. 
As we venture closer and closer to Fall elections the social climate is ever growing more and more racially charged and polarized, fueled by widespread voter suppression laws being implemented across the nation. The air is also ripe for community engagement, as well as an opportunity to share our popular education tools to educate community members. 
We can foster positive social change through education and advocacy, while sharing relevant and timely information to community stake-holders in hope of them making informed decisions while voting in 2012. Voter engagement is how we, not only protect our rights, its how we create more, and prevent laws that impede our rights. Through exercising our right to vote we can create the positive political change needed to grow and sustain our communities. 

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2025 BMB Network - Local Impact Site
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