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Moving Forward Gulf Coast, Inc. is a community-based initiative committed to Restorative Justice for residents of the Gulf Coast region. Since the beginning of our work, during the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, our community-based staff has worked throughout Alabama, Mississippi, Texas and Louisiana to bring information, strategy solutions and new media to blatant attacks on human dignity.  

Our hope is to arm the residents of the Gulf Coast with up-to date and accurate information; provide allies outside the Gulf Coast with a direct link to the unheard voices of our region; and, to offer decision-makers, on the local, state, federal and international level, proof that the current social, economic, ecological and political policies impacting the Gulf South is not only detrimental to the people of this region- but amount to a overall negative impact for the US and the globe.

Moving Forward Gulf Coast, Inc. operates from the intersection of new media, community organizing and training, policy strategy and legal service providing. Through a regional frame and a multi-pronged approach, we work toward achieving the long-term goal of rebuilding and restoring the Gulf Coast to a state better than what existed before 2005.  Because the Gulf Coast plays such a unique role in the cultural fabric of the South, an integral role in our nation's defense and vital role in the global economy, Moving Forward Gulf Coast, Inc. is committed to restoring this region to its rightful place in conversations, decisions and policies that impact its people.
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